Music CD I-2


Songs of the Heart from all over the world
goes along with Song Book I

21 tracks
Playing time 64 minutes
Comprehensive booklet
ISBN 978-3-89060-234-7
Hagara Feinbier, Roland Ficht, Thomas Ritthoff


The songs on this CD come from a wide variety of cultures. Songs from the Native Americans and the Sufis (the mystical tradition within Islam) as well as Buddhist and Hindu mantras are featured, joined by songs from Africa, Europe and Israel.

The idea was to make connections between a range of songs and our own musical approaches to rhythm and harmonics, giving rise to a lively, multi-layered sound which takes the listener and singer on a musical journey around the world. As on the first CD, the lyrics are mainly just a few words, repeated over and over again to a simple melody which is often very catchy. These repetitions help us to calm down, create space for our feelings and come back into contact with ourselves.

Contents and Samples CD I-2

From around the world:

Sosan – Japan
Laila – Israel
Sto mi e milo – Macedonia
Vem kann segla - Sweden
Drink to Me – Old English
Abendstille Kanon – German


Nema - Tanzania
Zuena - Tanzania
Mungu Akipenda – Tanzania

Native American:

Fly like an Eagle
Aweya hey
Mother I feel You

Spiritual Songs:

Gopala - Hindu
Raghupati Raghava - Hindu
Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu – Hindu
Om Namaha Shivay – Hindu
We all come from the Goddess
Let the Heaven be Reflected – Sufi
Allah Hu – Sufi

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