Songbook Volume III


The book contains another 167 wonderful mono- and polyphonic songs from Germany, Europe, Africa, Hawaii, South America and the Balkans, including spiritual songs and mantras from the Native American, Christian, Sufi, Sikh, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist traditions. All of the songs have the sheet music and chord symbols. Translations and some explanations are also provided (in German).

To go with the songs, there are interesting articles, stories and poems on the healing power of music and singing as well as advice on singing with groups and a guitar chord table.


  • 3st edition 2016
  • 162 pages
  • Format A5
  • Convenient spiral binding
  • ISBN 978-3-89060-239-4

Song Book Volume III. Preface

“Music is more than just an entertaining art form – it is a language spoken by the soul, a bridge between heaven and earth. Music can break down human boundaries and overcome the gaps between cultures, faiths and nations.”

Singing or chanting, healing and mysticism have belonged together in all of the great cultures. People everywhere have sung or chanted together in these contexts, often choosing short, simple songs that are sung repeatedly, perhaps with a second or third voice being improvised. In this way, we can really sense the power that is set free when many voices join together to form one body of sound. The chant develops into a wide expanse of harmony leading us into spaces of silence and peace within our body, mind and soul.

The power of our hearts vibrates at a higher frequency than light. Singing nourishes this heart power and brings vibrations into the world that can have healing effects, even at great distances. But I can also express my pain through song, and my anger or despair. “Singing takes you beyond…”: beyond all these feelings there is a place of eternal peace and sanctity.

Singing freely is an act which has an important social and health-promoting potential: it influences the ‘chemistry’ in our brain and therefore also our emotions. Singing helps to break down stress hormones (eg. cortisol) and release happiness hormones (endorphins). It leads to us breathing more deeply, ensuring a better supply of oxygen to the body and strengthening our immune system by increasing the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA). Our brain needs occasional ‘regeneration phases’ when it is ‘allowed’ to ‘forget everything’: examples include trance states induced by singing, dancing or meditating.

With this in mind, events such as the “Night of Spiritual Songs” take place where thousands of people attend to create and savour this sacred space together. The “Singing Hospitals” initiative from Wolfgang Bossinger is working to help communal singing gain a foothold in healthcare insitutions. And many informal groups have formed in recent years to cultivate the art of singing together regularly: on my homepage you can find a list sorted by region – at the last count there were over 200 singing circles listed.

Since its beginnings in 2008, the annual Come Together Song Festival in Bad Belzig, near Berlin, has established itself as a major event for those interested in healing singing networks.

So maybe we’ll see you there?!

The Songs

German Songs

  • Maienwind am Abend
  • Herbst ist da
  • Das Rad des Jahres
  • Dunkle Zeit, Wurzelzeit
  • Herbstkanon
  • Abendkanon
  • Die Erde trägt mich
  • Erde meine Mutter
  • Meine Füsse fest auf Mutter Erde
  • Nicht müde werden
  • Die Schale
  • Es gibt immer einen Weg
  • Einfach gehen
  • Ich gehe und gehe
  • Möge die Sonne
  • Geburtstagsständchen
  • Willkommen auf der Erde

Songs in English

  • To You We Sing
  • Happy Birthday
  • Feel the Blessing
  • How Could Anyone
  • One by One
  • Now Is the Time
  • Reconciliation
  • Waking into the Light
  • May the Road
  • Sure as the Wind
  • Blessed Journey
  • Give Thanks
  • Step by Step
  • Every Little Cell
  • Jump Down Freude
  • Rise Up o Flame
  • The Ocean
  • Magnificence
  • One Breath
  • Home Is Where My Heart
  • The Universe Is Singing
  • Let It Go, Let It Out

European Songs

  • O bruit doux
  • Neemt mij in der hand
  • Le soleil
  • Ninna Nanna
  • Normu Jovnna
  • Tuu, Tuu
  • Mina Bilulu
  • Circlesong
  • Ali

Songs from the Balkans

  • Plovi Barko
  • Grad se Beli
  • Ovdovjala
  • Site momi
  • Oro Ce Vie
  • Zapevala
  • Ghinghini
  • Aka si rekisho
  • A v Jerusalymi
  • Nova radasts‘stala
  • Lisom, Lisom Lemko
  • Sredi doliny
  • Mnogaja Leta

Songs from the Roma

  • Aska Devla
  • Aven Roma
  • Hej Romalen
  • Ederlezi
  • Helai
  • Aâi vodka
  • Nane Cocha Roma
  • Dšas Cali Famelija
  • Mamo merav

South American Songs

  • Escravos de Jó
  • Pra Nanã
  • Paranauê
  • Taki rikusu
  • Llegar

Pacific Songs

  • Sakura
  • Po Atarau
  • Innanne kapuanna
  • Ua mao
  • Eo Wahi Pana La
  • Hawai’i Aloha

African Songs

  • Salaleo Afrika
  • Fanga Alafia
  • Mamaliye
  • Ahiko namilo ee
  • Banuwa Liberia
  • Binamo Afrika
  • Doedoe Afrika
  • Si si si
  • Meyonge eh!
  • Matché Kulé
  • Tsche Tsche Kule!
  • Hayé Hamé
  • Yanfoila Afrika
  • Bura Samine
  • Haylobam
  • Hamba Natil
  • Malembe Togo
  • Pigogo
  • We Are Together
  • Thuma mina
  • Eh Sunu Maye
  • Hamba Lulu
  • Fiela
  • A Boron Ma

Native American Songs

  • Hey ya na na
  • Hayowey
  • Sonnenwend-Lied
  • Chinook Song
  • Anikuni
  • Into the Silence
  • Akteshna
  • Sha noon
  • Gay u wani
  • Yawe ho

Spiritual Songs and Mantras

  • Friedenslied-Kanon
  • Shanti Allelujah
  • Altissimo Corazón
  • May the Great Spirit
  • Ancient Mother

Christian Songs:

  • Bleibet hier Beten
  • Ubi caritas Liebe
  • Confitemini Domino
  • Kyrie eleison (1)
  • Kyrie eleison (2)
  • Der Himmel geht
  • Maranata Anrufung
  • Take, o Take Me as I Am
  • Denn er hat seinen Engeln

Jewish Songs:

  • Adonai elohelo
  • Havana Shira
  • Hine ma tow
  • Shalom Frieden
  • Haida
  • Nigun 1
  • Nigun 2

Sufi Songs:

  • Asalaam
  • Salaam Mevlana
  • Ishq Allah
  • Ya Habibi
  • All I Ask of You
  • Ishq Allah
  • Ya Allah
  • May the Blessing

Sikh Mantras:

  • Ong Namo Gurudev
  • Bolo wahe
  • May the Longtime Sun
  • Jio Seele
  • Sa Ta Na Ma
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (1)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (2)

Hindu Mantras:

  • Jaya Devi Ma
  • Om Kali, Om Mater
  • Jai Ambe
  • Adi Shakti
  • Shiva Shambo
  • Jaya Shiva Shankara
  • Om Namo Bhagavate 1
  • Om Namo Bhagavate 2
  • Raghupati Raghava
  • Radhe Govinda
  • Om Nama Shivaya
  • Om Shri Ram Jay Ram
  • Om Shri Rama
  • Tumi Bhaja Re Mana
  • Om Gam Ganapataye
  • Om Tryambakam
  • Jai Ganga
  • Bavanam Kevalam

Buddhist Mantras:

  • Om Tare Tam
  • Om Tare Tutare
  • Om Tara Tutare
  • Gayatri-Mantra
  • Gate Gate
  • Vajra Guru Mantra
  • Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Heal the World

Complete alphabetical index

Complete alphabetical index of Vol. I, II, III and IV as PDF to download ↓

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