Music CD III-1


Voices of Unity
goes along with Song Book III

16 songs of the heart and mantras
Playing time 76 minutes
Comprehensive booklet
EAN 4-280000-058027
Hagara Feinbier, Roland Ficht, Thomas Ritthoff


Singing together is meditation, prayer and communication with Creation. The songs on this CD come from a range of spiritual traditions but the qualities they address are universal, as is the divine itself.

Most of the songs can be understood as hymns or songs of praise, with fairly short lyrics that have the quality of affirmations: singing them allows a particular quality to arise within us. It is not so important how they sound externally, rather, the focus lies on the inner experience and their power comes when they are sung over and over again. Nothing new is added: the same just becomes ever more perfect. Listen carefully and let the sounds ring through free of concepts or judgement. When we stop wanting to produce things and simply let them happen, letting the song sing itself: this is when our heart opens and the sound takes us to a space of stillness, the space where we find our love for ourselves and for others.

Our most heartfelt CD!

Contents and Samples

Jaya Devi Ma
All I Ask of You
Ong Namo Gurudev Namo
Bavanam Kevalam
Eo Wahipana La
Om Namah Shivaya
Ra Ma Da Sa
Ua Mau
Salaam Mevlana
Isqh Allah
Om Namoh-Ram Ram
Om Kali, Om Mater
Feel the Blessing
Om Namoh Bhagavate

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