Music CD II-1


World Music to Sing Along To
goes along with Song Book II

22 tracks
Playing time 59 minutes
Comprehensive booklet
ISBN 978-3-89060-236-3

Hagara Feinbier, Roland Ficht, Thomas Ritthoff


For this companion CD to Song Book Vol. II we chose to focus on world music. Full of life yet tender, the music features a variety of instruments and a small choir.

The CD will take you on a musical journey around the world with sounds from Africa, New Zealand and the Balkans as well as Native American songs, new German music and English chants. These are songs which inspire and express our quest for alternatives in an increasingly consumerist and soulless world, giving us hope - to dance, listen and sing.

Contents and Samples

From around the world:

Die Sonne tönt – Germany
Schläft ein Lied – Germany
Tall Trees – Tony Wrench
May the Circle be open – English
Full Moonlight Song – Karen Beth
Sowing Charm – Helen Chadwick
Gamla Moder Jord – Sweden
Lesicata – Slovenia
Sednaludo - Bulgaria
Epo i tai tai Maori – New Zealand
Mate Aroha Maori – New Zealand
Abébé Ochun – Cuba

From Africa:

Amaibu – Baka Pygmies
Peace Chant – Senegal
Ide weré weré – Nigeria
Ibaché – Nigeria, Yoruba
Bawo Wethu – South Africa
Siyahamba - South Africa

Indianische Lieder:

Navajo Happy Song – Navajo
Wendeyaho – Cherokee
Horse Stealing Song – source unknown
The Earth is a Woman – Dakota Butterfield

Additional information

Weight 56 g
Dimensions 14 × 12,5 × 0,5 cm